Credit Card Payments.

Seamless transactions with market leading technology

Viztrade has a full integration with Stripe.

Our integration facilitates a seamless payment process and is directly attributed to delivered impressions for each media owner. This ensures only delivered advertising is paid for and reduces the risk for having to make refunds from non-delivery

Viztrade incorporates an optional maximum spend per day per card to safe guard against non-payment without limiting advertising spend. Viztrade will take incremental payments if a daily maximum is reached to ensure campaign continuity. Our integration with Stripe facilitates multiple currencies and is therefore easily transferable in different markets.

In the event an incremental card payment fails, Stripe notifies Viztrade in real time who can then contact the advertiser on behalf of the media owner. Alternatively Viztrade will forward notification to the media owner for their collections team to follow up.

Viztrade automates the collection of all advertising funds through Stripe at the end of each month. Viztrade then forwards an Advertising Revenue Statement to each media owner and following receipt of an invoice from the media owner remits advertising funds.


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