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Will self-serve advertising work for my media business?

If you have a high flow of traffic to your website or media platform – the answer is yes. We can help you set up and generate demand flow

How long does it take to set up?

If you engage Viztrade to roll out a self-serve platform – we can have you up and running within one month

How do you charge for a self-serve platform?

Viztrade charges a set-up fee and a commission on all transactions. We cater for all budgets and different types of media

What standard ad formats do you offer?

Viztrade offers a range of IAB certified digital display sizes including a Leader Board (728X90)

Medium Rectangle (300 X 250) Half Page (300X600) and mobile ad (320 X 50). We also offer native advertising formats across our platform

What ad servers do you integrate with?

Viztrade currently has full integration with Google Ad Manager and SAS 360 Match. We also offer custom integration with other ad servers across multiple formats

Does the Viztrade self-serve platform work on mobile devices

Yes – our self-serve advertising platform is fully responsive enabling your advertisers to set up campaigns from a desk top or mobile device

How do advertisers pay?

Viztrade takes credit card details and collects money at the end of each month or when it reaches its maximum daily spend.

Can media owners invoice advertisers directly?

Subject to approved terms with a media owner, Viztrade can facilitate media owners invoicing clients direct. In this circumstance, Viztrade would invoice the media owner for fees outstanding

How does a media owner get paid?

Viztrade automates the collection of all advertising revenue at the end of each month and then sends an Advertising Revenue Statement to media owners requesting an invoice. On receipt of invoice Viztrade will remit funds

What is an Advertising Revenue Statement?

An Advertising Revenue Statement is a document we send media owners at the end of each month with a break-down of all revenue collected minus fees with an outstanding balance owed to the media owner. We ask for an invoice for the balance outstanding then remit funds within 30 days

How are campaigns activated?

Campaigns are set up on a media owners self-serve platform. Viztrade automates the creation of a line item and order in the media owners ad server. The media owner reviews and activates

What happens if a campaign uploaded on a media owners platform is inappropriate?

Media owners are in full control of what is approved or declined. In the event a campaign is inappropriate, the campaign will be declined and the media owner will contact the advertiser to confirm why

Does your self-serve platform comply with GDPR and other similar regulations?

Yes – as we are a third party provider, the onus for GDPR is with the media owner. We request a privacy policy to be provided by the media owner to be added to the platform and a separate data processing agreement between Viztrade and the media owner


How can an existing media sales team benefit from adding a self-serve platform to their team?

Having a self serve platform means more revenue that can contribute to sales targets. It should be seen as an additional sales resource.

Sales people can also use our platform to process advertising deals, check inventory availability or take payment.

This removes the reliance on ad ops teams.  Viztrade is there to add value to all sales teams.

How do you successfully go to market with a self-serve advertising platform?

We have a basic plan you can follow to get momentum going. Have a look at our How to Launch page.

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