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Add a new sales channel with our white label self-serve ad platform and attract better ads which you control 

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Why Self-Serve Advertising?


Make your ad inventory accessible to all types of advertisers

New Ad Revenue

Capitalise on the $6billion SME advertising market


Streamline processes and reduce operational costs

Case Study

Promote by realestate.com.au

Tasked with helping realestate.com.au open up their ad inventory to SME advertisers, we created a new revenue channel that has surpassed all expectations

How it works for advertisers?

Step 1

Create your campaign

Name your campaign, select your start date and select what ad size.

Step 2

Set targeting & budget

Select what targeting you want and how much you want to spend

Step 3

Build your ads

Use our online banner builder or upload a professionally made banner

Step 4

Set your campaign live

Confirm and add payment details. Ads will be live within 24 hours


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Will self-serve advertising work for my media business?

If you have a high flow of traffic to your website or media platform – the answer is yes. We can help you set up and generate demand flow

How long does it take to set up?

If you engage Viztrade to roll out a self-serve platform – we can have you up and running within one month

How do you charge for a self-serve platform?

Viztrade charges a set-up fee and a commission on all transactions. We cater for all budgets and different types of media

What standard ad formats do you offer?

Viztrade offers a range of IAB certified digital display sizes including a Leader Board (728X90)

Medium Rectangle (300 X 250) Half Page (300X600) and mobile ad (320 X 50). We also offer native advertising formats across our platform

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