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Build a new revenue stream with targeted, direct, digital advertising


News media has been trying to optimise digital ad revenue for the past two decades. They were quick to adopt programmatic but soon learnt that their valuable inventory was being sold as a commodity and they did not receive the yields they deserved or expected. 

Viztrade puts the news media owner back in control.

How is works

We integrate directly to your ad server and allow advertisers to buy direct. We utilise existing targeting metrics already set up in your ad server.

Our platform enables advertisers to create and activate campaigns in four simple steps. We automate the creation of line items and orders, take payment details and set up the campaign. 

Grow your revenue

Whether you are a local, regional or national news media owner, we can integrate a platform to take advantage of direct demand. You are in full control of rates and who can and cannot advertise on your inventory.

By launching a self-serve platform you open up access to SME advertisers who account for up to 50% of all digital advertising spend.

Minimise operational costs

Our platform removes operational costs and lets you automate direct advertising revenue flow.

The only task required by your ad ops team is to either approve or decline campaigns as they automatically appear in your ad server.

This makes self-serve revenue the most cost effective of sales channels

Benefits to Media Owners

Fully Automated

Reduce time and drive more sales by eliminating the manual process of insertion orders.

Earn more

With more time you can focus on generating revenue and less time of administration.

Complete Transparency

Get total visibility on campaign and inventory performance through our reporting dashboard

Seamless Integration

VizDirect integrates seamlessly with your ad server


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