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By introducing a self serve advertising platform, Viztrade has created a new revenue stream for REA Group.


SME advertising is a $6billion business in Australia alone. It is an area many try to conquer but very few succeed. The majority of ad spend from SME advertisers is currently spent across big tech. REA Group wanted to open up their advertising inventory to SME advertisers, attract a new type of advertiser to their platform and build a new revenue stream.


REA approached Viztrade with the challenge of implementing our self-serve technology across and do a complete integration with their ad server.

They wanted to be able to offer SME advertisers a fully automated system and make it easy to place targeted ads across specific suburb pages on their site.


Viztrade worked with the REA design team to create custom templates that would work with the Viztrade self-serve platform campaign builder. We confirmed the targeting metrics and then connected to their ad server.

Using an API connection we ensured all advertising data was pushed and pulled to and from the ad server to ensure the whole process was automated.

Results was launched in October 2022. The platform provides advertisers with a simple to use self-serve platform facilitating campaign set up and activation, campaign reporting and optimisation. REA have seen month on month growth and a 100% uplift in yield from programmatic. So successful, REA Group have now engaged Viztrade to build a second platform for

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