About Viztrade

Direct Revenue. Full Control. Self Serve.

Our Mission:

Make Complex Simple

Viztrade launched to simplify digital advertising and be an alternative to complex programmatic platforms. Programmatic is opaque, involves multiple intermediaries, dilutes ad revenue and gives media owners little control over their advertising. We wanted to create a platform that was simple to use, fully transparent, removed all the intermediaries and did not dilute media spend.

What we did

The idea was to create a media trading platform that was accessible to all types of advertisers with complete visibility on price, position and performance.

It needed to be directly integrated into a media owners ad server and so easy to use that even a novice could set up and activate a campaign. With that in mind, we built our proprietary platform and began working with media owners.

Where we are at

Since our platform was completed in 2019, we have started to work with leading media owners in Australia and around the world.

Our platform is easy to roll out, cost effective and makes your ad inventory accessible to all types of advertisers.

Viztrade puts the media owner in control and provides a low touch, new revenue stream.

Self-Serve Ad Platform

By integrating our self-serve advertising platform, you can accept native or digital display ads direct and create a new sales channel to build on your existing advertising revenue.

Case Study

Promote by realestate.com.au

Tasked with helping realestate.com.au open up their ad inventory to SME advertisers, we created a new revenue channel that has surpassed all expectations

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