Make Complex Simple

Simplify your ad selling process with Viztrade


Viztrade provides a new, low touch sales channel adding to your existing direct sales team and programmatic advertising.

Introduce our self-serve advertising platform to simplify the ad sales process and make selling ads easy.

Externally open your ad inventory up and attract new long tail advertisers. Internally, remove friction for your sales team and boost sales. Use Viztrade to get higher yields, improve efficiencies and optimise revenue.

Set up & Implementation

Our platform provides an easy and fast way to launch a self-serve digital advertising offering.

We create a branded landing page and directly integrate with your ad server. Based on a standard display advertising solution, Viztrade can build and launch a self-serve platform within one month. 

For more bespoke requirements and different digital ad formats we will plan and scope your project and provide a cost and timeline.

Key Features

The Viztrade platform provides your advertising clients with an intuitive user experience that is easy to use. Key features include:

Simple sign up and account verification

Real time ad inventory forecasting

Simple four step campaign set up

Creative Ad Builder wizard

Real time campaign reporting

Credit card payments

These and many more user friendly features make doing business easy.

Viztrade for sales teams

Viztrade Connect empowers sales teams with the ability to book and manage their clients advertising campaigns. It connects directly to your ad server and removes all friction from each transaction.

Using Viztrade Connect a sales person can plan, book, create and upload an ad, activate, report and take payment from advertising clients eliminating the need for direct insertion orders and ad ops teams.

Viztrade Connect  includes a Teams landing page, multiple user accounts, the ability to add advertising clients, client payment options and revenue reporting.

Viztrade Platform Key Benefits

New Revenue

By introducing self-serve, you make your ad inventory accessible to a much broader range of advertisers

Fully Automated

Reduce time and drive more sales by eliminating the manual process of insertion orders

Full Control

Get full visibility on demand flow and get complete control of which advertising demand you accept or decline

Frictionless transactions

With no intermediaries and a direct connection to your ad server, you receive all media spend transacted through the platform

Trusted by leading media brands

Let's talk!

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