Accept native and digital display ads direct

About VizDirect

The VizDirect platform automates direct demand from native and digital display ads.

By integrating our self-serve platform to your media business, advertisers can purchase advertising direct with no friction.

VizDirect provides a new demand source to compliment your existing media sales team and programmatic advertising.

Set up & Implementation

The VizDirect platform is a simple and fast way to launch a self-serve digital advertising proposition.

Our standard solution provides a range of customisable templates and direct integration to your ad server. Based on our core platform and a confirmed design, it takes Viztrade one month to build and launch a self-serve platform.

For more complex requirements and different digital formats we offer a bespoke build solution. After scoping your project we can provide a cost and timeline.

Benefits to Media Owners

New Revenue

By introducing self-serve, you make your ad inventory accessible to a huge new ad revenue pool. The SME market account for close to 50% of all digital advertising spend.

Full Control

Get full visibility on demand flow and get complete control of which advertising demand you accept or decline.

Fully automated

By introducing a fully automated direct solution, you can coach your advertisers to purchase online and reduce set up time and costs

Frictionless transactions

With no intermediaries and a direct connection with your ad server, you receive all media spend transacted through the platform


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