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About VizConnect

VizConnect connects media sales people directly to their ad server enabling them to query and trade their own media through a fully automated system.

With VizConnect, sales teams can plan, book, activate, report and take payment from their advertising clients eliminating the need for direct insertion orders and large ad ops teams.

Optional features include the ability to integrate with a CRM system and / or accounting software for a completely seamless transaction

Set up & Implementation

The VizConnect platform is easily implemented with your sales team.

Standard set-up includes a dedicated landing page, multiple user accounts, the ability to add advertising clients and client payment options.

VizConnect can be set up and running within a two week period.

Benefits to Media Owners

Fully Automated

Reduce time and drive more sales by eliminating the manual process of insertion orders.

Earn more

With more time you can focus on generating revenue and less time of administration.

Complete Transparency

Get total visibility on campaign and inventory performance through our reporting dashboard

Seamless Integration

VizConnect integrates seamlessly with your ad server


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